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Every saree is a story in motion, what’s yours?

To the majority of Indian women, the saree isn’t just a fashion statement, rather it is an exhibition of sheer elegance, grace and confidence. Women wear sarees for different reasons. For some its merely fashionable, for others a matter of personal choice but to all of them collectively it is a way of life, six yards of life draped over a woman’s body.

Do you remember the first time you learned to drape a saree? Do you remember how you grew up watching your mother drape it? The saree in its various avatars adorns women from the sub-continent and few other Asian countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. Sarees are like the women that it drapes – Versatile! From business meetings to wedding nights, from political speeches to red carpets, from college farewells & corporate boardrooms to the kitchen, they truly have many avatars.

The Saree has been in existence since the time of the Indus Valley civilization when we started cultivating cotton and using dyes. Ever since then it has evolved into a fashion staple and known for its versatility, so much so there are at least 70-80 draping styles and every style will help you recall the geographical origin of that particular style.

Depending on its origins the length of a saree can vary from a mere 3 to 9 yards. It is suitable to be worn in all weather conditions. Be it the harsh, hot summers of our country or colder climatic conditions of north India, there’s a saree for every season.

But what is most distinguishing about a saree is its universality. Women of every stratum wear it, be it the migrant labourer or the middle-class woman or the queens & princesses or women in power, their go-to costume is a saree.

Silk, cotton, polyester, with zari, without zari, mill made, hand weaved, cheap ones, expensive ones, dyed, printed, crafted, embroidered, no matter what the type of saree, you will always be draping history around you.

At Very Much Indian we strive to bring sarees from across India, sourcing it directly from the weavers right

to your doorstep. Right from the exquisite Pure silks, Cotton, Cotton Silks, Linen, Paithani to Banarasi, Kota, Kalamkari, Maheshwari, Chanderi, Bandhani, Kanjeevaram, name it and we have them all.

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About Our Founder – Slony Gambhir

Slony belongs to a textile business family from Yeola, Maharashtra, which today is the center of the Paithani revolution. Right since a young age, she learned the ropes of her family business. The foundation for her business acumen was laid as a child when she used to sit in her father’s textile store. She managed clients, accounts and soon learned the nuances of managing the store as well.

But life had other plans, leading her to complete a BTech and subsequently an MBA which led her to a 10-year corporate life. All along she knew this wasn’t where she was meant to be and eventually one fine day, in the year 2016, she decided to quit her job and listen to her true calling, Sarees!

She distinctly remembers an incident from her childhood which made her realize this is what she wanted to do. At the age of 14, while managing her shop in her father’s absence, a lady passing through Yeola saw their store and decided to walk-in. She was in a great deal of hurry since she had a crying toddler in her car. Slony decided to take the customer closer to her car so that while the mother pacified the baby, she could also give Slony a brief on what she was looking for. Slony remembers how within 15 minutes she understood what the client wanted and closed the sale by selling her a beautiful Paithani worth Rs.15,000/-. The customer was so impressed that even after all these years she still makes it a point to shop at Slony’s parent’s store at least a couple of times a year.

This memory rekindled her love for saress and subsequently, she set up Very Much Indian, operating from her house in Pune and today she has established a loyal following for her sarees. She started her business taking on loan 25 sarees from her father who initially discouraged her stating her corporate job provided her with much needed professional as well as financial stability. But her husband supported her. She started visiting known clients personally and in no time sold every one of those sarees. Having been away from the business since she moved to college it took her almost a year to re-learn the nuances of this business, but once that was accomplished, there was no looking back.